The Website that provides free guidance and documentation to help you start and continue ‘Family History Research’, with links to many useful research sources.

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WELCOME to the START Family History Website       

This site's basic aim is to provide help and information, primarily, for anyone “NEW” to ‘Family History’ research.

  • If you are new to genealogy you can begin to trace the history of your family by following some simple steps, which will start you on the road of Family History.
  • Maybe you will regain contact with a family member or long lost friend.
  • Have you ever wondered where your family came from and what their occupations were, and how they lived.
  • You will be surprised with what you find.
  • The social history of a family is often quite amazing.
  • It can help you understand the background
    of your family.
  • We hope this site will be useful to you.
  • We wish you good luck in your research.
  • Please click START above, or use the given links to directly access information.

This Website is in the process of construction. However, there is presently a good store of useable content.

Website developed by David Beck Please email me with any questions you have.